EngageBay Review | Mortgage professional

EngageBay Review |  Mortgage professional

Email campaigns can be created from scratch using a drag-and-drop interface or by using a set of pre-designed email templates. To create a branded message to engage new or existing customers, you can add custom text, layout, images, share buttons – and more – to your email marketing templates. EngageBay can also facilitate customer segmentation, which is determined by conditional metrics such as location, age, purchase history, and customer type. This feature allows you to target specific subgroups of users. By defining conversion paths and workflows, EngageBay marketing campaigns can be automated. It also allows you to set up triggers based on client actions. If you want to attract potential clients, you can create custom web forms and add them to company websites, as well as create landing pages to improve clicks and conversions. EngageBay Review: Built-in CRM To enable users to organize their company contacts, track pipelines, and manage relationships, EngageBay offers a built-in CRM platform. Contacts and leads can be routed seamlessly through the sales pipeline using a single platform, with sales and marketing teams working within EngageBay.

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